Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Digitization of a mind boggling puzzle game

If you don't want to kill your time with some mindless games, then this may be the best choice for you.

This is an age old puzzle game. Though little obscure. 

So we thought, why not we give it a digital form and make it available for mobiles and tablets so that people will know and play this beautiful cute game.

Gameplay is simple. 12 colourful pieces to put together inside a triangle.

Player can rotate an element, flip an element and move it to its correct position. Some elements are symmetric. They cannot be rotated. Some are mirror asymmetric. Only these elements can be flipped.

Play the tutorial to know the basic moves. Then you can dive into the game.

If you want to challenge yourself like "can I solve it without any hint", then medium stages are there for you.

And if you love to get insanely challenged, then go ahead, jump into hardcore stages. 

I kept the game advertisement free, as I think, this game is for real puzzle lovers and stupid adds will destroy your thinking process !!

For download, please visit the below links

Facebook app will be launched soon.

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